Friday, 8 April 2011

Let the peoples decide...

People’s Picturehouse – Saturday 16th April – 8pm

What are we showing? Let the peoples decide…

So, although we’ve been given our marching orders, we’ve also been given a slight reprieve, so we’re going to do another People’s Picturehouse night. This time around we’re showing one film and we’ll have a DJ afterwards as well. Movies, music and merriment: marvellous.

Trouble is, when we held the screening soviet to decide what should be shown, all of the films on our shortlist are so great that we just couldn’t decide, the unanimous verdict being, ‘I’d be more than happy with any of them’.

So, ever democratic, we thought we’d put it to the vote; this is the people’s picturehouse, after all. The choices are below, just cast your vote by reply. Polling closes Monday at 1pm, after which I’ll tot the scores up and let you know what we’re showing on Saturday:

Armadillo – 2010 (105min)

Turtles Can Fly – 2004 (98min)

Even Dwarfs Started Small – 1970 (96min)

Waltz with Bashir – 2008 (90min)

We’ll open up the guestlist on Monday also, usual rules apply.

Big sun, big loves…


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