Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Saturday 29th January - 8pm: Punishment Park

People's picture house is proud to present a slice of alternative reality: Peter Watkins' Punishment Park (1971, 90m)

"an extravagantly paranoid view of what might happen in America within the next five years"

"cinema verite masterpiece of technique"

We'll also be showing one other short which is to be confirmed, but guaranteed to be very good indeed.

Starry-eyed making cocktails and very good vegetarian food will be available when the bar opens at 8pm, and the first film will start at 8.30pm (prompt: no messing about, now). Our guests are always welcome to hang out late into the night and shoot the breeze...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Saturday 22nd January - 8pm: Werner Herzog double bill...

The People's Picturehouse is proud to present: a Werner Herzog double bill.

This Saturday we will be showing Lessons of Darkness (52m) and Encounters at the End of the World (99m), by the very wonderful Werner Herzog.

Situated in a secret squatted location in Brockley, South London, the Picturehouse is run out of the old bar/ballroom area. Entrance is free and film fans should email uscsquatcrew@gmail.com for guestlist and address details.

Sumptuous snacks (pan fried breaded mushrooms, olive bowls & Eva's excellent home-made vegetarian pizza) and classy cocktails are the order of the day. And when the documentaries are done, guests are welcome to hang around and elongate the evening...